To New York City Council, Regarding Community Compost Locations
December 2020 Save our community compost sites.

Still Here
February 2020 Change in life is inevitable.

True Stories
January 2020 Life told in pages.

Ten Year Lens
January 2020 Looking with a wide angle.

Cleaning Up
March 2019 Mindfulness in piles of dishes.

Vibrant Beautiful Chaos
February 2019 The good life is a life like jazz.

The Ghost of Jack Rose
February 2019 Sits quietly at the bar.

Kill the Deadness in Me
December 2018 Like a flame to the darkness.

Highway Lines
February 2018 Life's moments tick like highway lines.

December 2017 Measuring the passage of time with toothbrushes.

Midsummer Night's Air
June 2017 The air was thick and dead.

That Shitty Plastic Bin
June 2017 That bin held a simple purpose.

Until the Lights Peek Around the Bend
November 2015 This scene can be a moment.

1000 Miles
May 2014 It's a long journey.

The Quiet Wild
May 2013 The sun's set shadows grace the rolling green foothills.

January 2013 There are truths in the places around us.

South Sky's Sun
December 2012 The sun sits in the south sky

Post Storm Update
October 2012

The Man in the Chair
August 2012 In a city like this, the barber shop is where dreams begin.

Daylight's Promise
June 2012 The longest sun of the season sets behind the cinder block scenery.

Pioneer a World and Discover a Name
June 2012 It was a discovery that there was so much to discover.

Navigating Unknown Territory
June 2012 There are directions posted all around us.

Rain Down
May 2012 The rain pelts the window sill.

In a Sea
May 2012 In a sea, the crowd surrounds.

Shine on Strange Lantern
April 2012 A familiar face across a world of strangers.

On Suffering
April 2012 Finding meaning in work, love, and courage.

Blank Page
November 2011 A blank page is scary but it's also something to be thankful for.

Culture Curious to Create
September 2011

Code is Communication
September 2011

Decision Fatigue
August 2011

Why I ‘Do’
April 2011

I Hate Blogging
December 2010