I Hate Blogging

I have no problem admitting this. Other things I also hate; doing groceries and stupid people. Sometimes I’ve nearly starved for a week instead of trudging to the grocery store filled with angry moms. For years I’ve wanted to love blogging but I never got into the habit of doing it. I’m not afraid to express my opinion as anyone who’s met me knows. I’ve never really loved the look of any of my blogs but that’s really not enough of a reason. I see the value in blogging but just used the excuse that “I hate writing.”

Julien’s blog post today kicked my ass. I think my fear was just putting tons of time into it and people not reading it, or somehow the time I put into writing dissolves into something worthless.

Look, your lack of progress pretty much stems from things you’re avoiding because a) you are unsure of how they’re done, or b) you’re unconsciously (or consciously!) unwilling to do them. In other words, you are a fucking pussy.

You are either paralyzed by the fact that you don’t know how to get to your goal (hint: ask someone who does or fucking Google it!), or you’re afraid of doing it (hint: you clearly don’t want it bad enough). It’s actually that easy.

It’s time you looked your delaying tactics in the damn face.

I’m glad he called me out as I needed a push to get writing.