Nick Wynja

Product and engineering manager, writer, around-the-world traveler

I lead teams to create well-considered software tools. I architect, build, and deliver ideas from concept to production. I am passionate about writing and a proponent of the open web.


June 2019 – Sometimes life gets in the way of art but that’s probably how it should be. Summer is here and that draft might have to wait—what a shame it would be to miss the sunset.

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Cleaning Up

March 2019
Mindfulness in piles of dishes.

Vibrant Beautiful Chaos

February 2019
The good life is a life like jazz.

The Ghost of Jack Rose

February 2019
Sits quietly at the bar.

Kill the Deadness in Me

December 2018
Like a flame to the darkness.

Highway Lines

February 2018
Life's moments tick like highway lines.


December 2017
Measuring the passage of time with toothbrushes.

Midsummer Night's Air

June 2017
The air was thick and dead.

That Shitty Plastic Bin

June 2017
That bin held a simple purpose.