March 2, 2023 22:13 -0500

EYW ✈ ATL ✈ JFK; been on the road for a couple weeks now. Feeling tired tonight but overall found a good balance this trip of rest and activity. Had a mix of work on the road and vacation this time. Got a lot of work done on a flexible schedule like early morning, late nights, and being in transit but also was stuck with a decent amount of calls that I needed to work my schedule around.

It’s been a long time since I’ve logged while on the road. The more I’ve been traveling, the more I’ve had to weave work into my itinerary and favor work over writing trip journals. The availability of free WiFi on Delta flights has also made it easier to work rather than be offline and write.

My energy and focus around writing has waned recently. I don’t wake up thinking about it these days. I don’t hate myself for not doing it. I’m not yearning for things to write about. That might be a good thing or it might be sad.

My long running search for passion hasn’t been lost, I’ve just been filling my drive with other things. My ego continues to be supported by the things I create and deliver to the world. That just isn’t blog posts right now.