I’m a customer-focused, data-oriented B2B product leader with 13+ years of experience in defining product vision and strategy, leading empowered product teams to drive growth, and building a product experience that customers love.

  • In 2020, I started at Feedback Loop, a Series A startup focused on rapid product feedback. I was responsible for building an automated research product by pivoting our service-heavy approach and delivering a self-service product that made customer research more accessible to people without research experience. I was also responsible for experiments to find product-market fit, including evolving our pricing and packaging, our service model, and our product marketing.

  • In 2022, Feedback Loop was acquired by DISQO, a ~$100M ARR series B CX platform focused on brand feedback and measurement. At DISQO, I was responsible for growing the Feedback Loop product post-acquisition into new markets more closely aligned with the company’s product-line niche. I was also responsible for executing our strategy to take our disparate products and deliver on a self-service platform.

  • Prior to working on the Feedback Loop product, I worked at Infor, a $2B multi-vertical enterprise software company. There I was responsible for delivering high-quality enterprise product UX by leading a team building our design system and partnering with platform teams. I was also part of an innovation team responsible for building concepts that inspired digital transformation for customers and encouraged product evolution internally.

I’ve also worked at several small startups, launching their initial products and working to fit product-market fit.

🚀 Pathfinder for fit and growth
🏗️ Self-starting builder of strategy and systems
🛒 Deep listener of customers and industry trends

For my full work history, view my CV (HTML or PDF) and my Projects page for personal product projects.