I’m a customer-focused, data-oriented B2B product leader with 13 years of experience in defining product vision and strategy, leading empowered product teams to drive growth, and building a product experience that customers want.

🚀 Pathfinder for growth and revenue

  • Pivoted service-heavy company to PLG and grew to $100M in ARR
  • Redefined pricing a packaging to find fit

🏗️ Self-starting builder of strategy and structure

  • Establishes product operations to get and use feedback from customers
  • Builds processed to deliver product reliably

View my CV (HTML or PDF) and my Projects page for personal product projects.

I establish strong, trusting bonds with stakeholders and cross-functional teams through candid communication. I’m driven by a passion for empowering others to do their best work and I believe in building tools that help people work smarter.

My experience spans across various stages of venture-backed companies, from seed, through fundraising, growth, and acquisition. This variety has given me incredible business exposure across critical stages, like defining early customer value, finding product/market fit, developing pricing and packaging, and improving operational efficiency for scaling businesses.

From an innovation lab inside an enterprise software company to the front-lines of a product-led company, I’ve learned how to listen to customers of all types and listen to the signals of what they need.

Leading empowered product teams means giving them clarity on vision and how the pieces fit together for the business. It means trusting them to deliver on the needs of the business by helping them understand the needs of the business.

I excel in complex systems and technical environments to continuously deliver smart steps to achieve big goals. I listen through the noise to understand what customers want, then form well-considered product strategy for SaaS platforms. I’ve successfully and repeatedly implemented agile processes within small and large teams to drive rapid, iterative product changes while delivering confidently. By intersecting development, data science, and user experience, I connect teams to accomplish our purpose together.