Paperback is a clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later. Like a good book, Paperback is lightweight, easy to use, and enjoyable. I started Paperback in 2013 and am the product architect, developer, and sole proprietor.

Writing and Publishing Utilities

I’m in the process of developing a personal set of writing and publishing utilities, including a system deeply integrating tmux, vim, and MediaWiki, as well as a python application for publishing and deploying static websites. I’m continuing to refine these products and plan to open source them as they stabilize.


As part of expanding my writing into poetry and desiring a particular format for poetry on this site, I wrote a plugin for python-markdown called mdx_poetic. Learn more about how to install and use the project on PyPi.

Older Projects and Code



  • Wrote at about creativity, craftsmanship, and working smarter (2012-2016)