Paperback is a clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later. Like a good book, Paperback is lightweight, easy to use, and enjoyable. I started Paperback in 2013 and am the product architect, developer, and sole proprietor.


Whiskey makes writing happen. Whiskey is a website generator that gets out of my way so I can focus on what I’m writing. See the readme for the full set of features and steps to get started.

Writing and Publishing Utilities

To integrate with Whiskey and with my writing workflow, I’ve created various tools to support my online writing and publishing.

pd — Print draft

pd has had a greater impact on my writing than any other tool I’ve created. It uses pandoc and a latex template to generate a well formatted document and then sends it to your printer all from the command line or Vim. Now you have a hard copy draft that you can mark up. Writing and editing in separate tools and phases helps me focus on doing one at a time.

Older Projects and Code


  • Litsub was created to be an email-based community of writers, editors, readers, and literary folks. was a brief experiment to create a place for people to share in their love of writing.
  • Built to integrate my static sites into Litsub, fmmss is a Flask app running a POST API to handle subscribing to a Mailman 3 list.


  • I wrote a plugin for python-markdown called mdx_poetic as I expanded my writing into poetry and desired a particular format for poetry on this site. (I don’t use this anymore since I now use pandoc filters to do this instead.)



  • Wrote at about creativity, craftsmanship, and working smarter (2012-2016)