Vibrant Beautiful Chaos

Vibrant with beautiful chaos,
cymbals crashing, horns blowing
in sync and not,
slow then—suddenly—frenzied,
soothing in the way it all comes together;
The good life is a life like jazz.

Life’s tension/release is played out bar by bar
in bars deep beneath the city streets.
Subway lines and bass line riffs moving together,
bringing us together
towards something we call our own.

Tucked in the corner of the city,
overlooked and, look, well,
a hint different than our mind’s rhyme.
Not quite in syncopation
with place and time

Our means don’t quite meet
the timbre of our dreams.
Yet reality plays out in ways
we can’t even make-believe.

Measure by measure, moments collide
chaos refined into something smooth,
larger than composed
proposed notes, quoting the best.
Adventure’s our venture
to gain and, better yet, sustain
a grand crescendo that carries us
through the coda.